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Media, love/hate in sport gender issues.

The video above has shown, women were limited to certain sports. We can see how actually media portrayed female in sport. The Media simply just fully making use of female traits to increase their viewership and target audiences, for example, such as adult magazines, like FHM. It seems alright to the media company, but similarly what the video have mentioned, it’s showed negativity in aspect as a sportswomen, reducing to their appearance or to sex symbols.

statistic of female in media coverage

The statistic above collated by New South Wales Sport & Recreation, a gender breakdown of sports media coverage in 1996, a research done by Philips (1997).

The percentage of the women being covered by all three medium of media seems to be the lowest among all. The main domination is the Men, because Men have been portrayed by the media to be athletic, physically strong and aggressive, therefore sport usually able to bring out the traits mentioned better than women, where else women seems to be focused on beauty, traditional roles such as cooking, doing housework, physical attractiveness and desirability.


Source: http://www.fhm.com/girls/news/sports-personality-of-the-year–zero-

So as we can see media’s change of focus from men to women in sport is a daring move by media, but media has succeeded by making use of sexual appeal from the woman, it is a bold move indeed. It has shown how media have created a love/hate relationship with sport, especially in today’s topic about gender issues.

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