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Dope me baby, Sport n Media

In this video, it’s about the doping issue of the ex-seven time tour de france champion, Lance Armstrong.

Athletes who are utterly violent against their opponents create entertainment value. Both values are highly marketable and profitable for media.” (Beck & Bosshart, 2003). Media does affect one’s reputation, but they do not really care. The main thing is that the media earn its exclusive viewership and money from there.

Of course, media is not always that bad, as it is able to reinforce and enforces about doping in sport as a wrong and unethical attitudes and behaviors, so in so ways media will also help, by labeling those athletes who dope as cheaters. Making it seems that media is trying to educate audiences about the cons of doping, and telling the audiences that cheating will end up as similar consequences as those offenders.

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Works Cited

Beck, D., & Bosshart, L. (2003). Sport and Media. Freiburg: Centre for the Study of Communication and Culture (CSCC).


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