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Colour me, media.

Racism in Sport has been a troubling issue in sports, since the 70s, where African-American athletes hardly became a topic in the white mainstream press. Performances of black athletes were only covered when these athletes were exceptionally successful, like Joe Louis, Jesse Owens, or Wilma Rudolph (Beck & Bosshart, 2003).

The above YouTube video emphasized in how using of media is able to tackle issues in racism act in sports, using of audios and context in the video. Notice that the media actually praises that it exposes ideologies, but it seems to underrate how sport exposes ideologies in racism. So whether or not, media is a hero or villain. U decides.

However, we can see that no matter how media has been assisting sport to stop racism in sport, still it’s seem that racism is still a evitable thing to happen in sport.


(Source: http://www.fifa.com/tournaments/archive/confederationscup/southafrica2009/photo/107/613/8/picture.html)

 It is disappointing to say that even though media has been playing a role since the 70s, however, a survey done by 2,500 football fans suggested that racism has never left the British game (Doidge 2013). Media useful? You decide.

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