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Sport and media relationship have been ongoing  till today as what Mchesney (1989) stated that “Sports and the mass media enjoy a very symbiotic relationship in American society.” (Daniel Beck and Louis Bosshart, 2003) Now, its relationships have extend to all across well to do worldwide societies too.


Source: http://sportsdigita.com/sports-and-social-media-are-the-perfect-match-infographic/

As the picture above shown that people relied a lot in media just by finding out sport information, attracting fans, and creating influence by just liking or tweeting their favorite sportsmen, or news feed by just using social media independently, excluding other media such as mass media. One can conclude that media does have an interdependent relationship with sports. Both co-exist for the same purposes but different reason.  This statistic is  done by a media company based only in USA, so we can already imagined what  if this research or survey is done worldwide.

LOVE/HATE relationships between media and sports will never end.

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